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Sean Carlino

With successes both as a player and a coach at various levels, Sean brings a great depth of knowledge and experience to his students. Having won multiple Golf Ontario Championships, competing at the NCAA D1 level and having students qualify for PGA Tour events, Sean knows what it takes to play at the highest level. Working under multiple PGA Tour coaches such as Dana Dahlquist, Shauheen Nakhjavani, Ralph Bauer, Scott Cowx, he brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence to his students in pursuit of achieving their goals.

Sean graduated from Gonzaga University in 2016 where he was a member of the golf team and completed his MBA at McMaster University in 2021.


“Sean has an incredible amount of knowledge on the golf swing. He was quickly able to point out my flaws and give me drills and exercises to correct them. Now knowing that I am working on the right things has given me a lot more confidence and made my practice time more effective. Thanks Sean!”

Brett Cairns, Former PGA Tour Canada Player & Kent State Golf Team Member (NCAA D1)

Chris Rew

Chris Rew is Class “A” PGA of Canada Golf Professional for 11 years.
He was taught from top best golf professionals worldwide. His dedication and hard work to golf playing is unlimited.  Chris used to practice/play 8 hours a day every day to play in competitive level against top professionals in PGA of Canada.
Chris shot 1 under 71 in his CPGA PAT and passed in first try. He also competes in PGA of Canada golf tournaments. Chris believes in hard work and smart work.  Smart work comes from golf lessons with Chris and hard work comes from you.
Without hard work or smart work, golfer cannot achieve to be become great golfer. Chris believes that he is very confident to help you get better in golf in no time.


I have participated in several GAO Amateur and Canadian Amateur events & it has been credited to the dedicated coaching by Chris,  I have been a student of Chris for the past 9 years & he has helped me in all aspects of the game, from the technical to mental side of the game. As a fellow PGA of Canada Golf Professional, I highly recommend Chris Rew’s easy to grasp teaching philosophy & fun approach to the game.”

Ranga Sugathapala, PGA of Canada Golf Professional

(416) 892 3236

Bhanisha Patel

As a former NCAA athlete and golf professional, I have been helping golfers improve their game over the last 5 years. Whether it be introducing a beginner to the thrill of a perfect struck shot, watching seasoned players improve their game or helping an individual prepare for their next tournament. 

My approach to golf is not a ‘one size fits all’ technique. Every golfers’ physical make-up is different and as a result, so are their golf swings. Anyone, regardless of their age, size or athleticism, is capable of developing a repetitive golf swing. After mastering the fundamentals of grip, posture and alignment, I focus on the relationship between arm swing and body rotation. My job is to make sure you fully understand how this connection works within your golf swing ultimately resulting in a more consistent and repetitive motion while also giving you the tools to self diagnose and make adjustments on and off the course.

Come visit me at Swang Golf this offseason to create long lasting improvements which will ultimately lower your scoring average.


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John Doe, Player

Dr. Munz Abdulla

A Canadian PGA Class “A” Professional as well as a Master Teaching Professional with the PGTAA. Canadian Professional Golfers Association (CPGA) – 2005 Teacher of the Year: Northern Division

Munz has over 25 years of golf experience within Canada, the USA, England, and South Africa. He has been the lead professional in developing summer camps, junior competitive leagues, active start programs for people new to golf, as well as experience in the Canadian Professional Golf Association Future Links Program, and Golf Swing and Player development.

Munz is committed to excellence and has a great passion for golf and through is vast experience, he has created the “Dynamic Learning System” which simplifies how we learn the game of golf, and addresses your individual style of play so that you can continually improve no matter what your skill level may be.


“My golf game improved dramatically using The Neuronet®™ Perfect 54 Visualization System. I won back to back Club Championships in 2006- 2007, 2015-16 & 2017-2018.”

Steve Houle, Player

Sanjay Bhalla

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“I’ve never played better golf in my life! He’s helped me cut my handicap in half and I owe it all to him. I will be taking lessons all winter and I know Sanjay will keep me dialed in for the next golf season.

B. Stucko, Player

Sajjad Jameel

Golf instructor for the last 20 years traveling all over the world. Sajjad is currently a member with PGA of Thailand both a Touring and Teaching professional.


“Sajjad has my swing looking better than ever. He has a great understanding of the game and can explain things well. I would recommend him to others.”

James McPherson, Player